Doctoral programme

Have you found a doctoral position? Before you get started, familiarise yourself with the steps that are required as part of your doctoral programme.

Doctorate Regulations 

In the Doctorate Regulations, the UvA' s Doctorate Board has set out the procedures, tasks and responsibilities associated with obtaining a doctorate. Every PhD candidate and doctoral conferral at the UvA must comply with the provisions of these regulations. You must therefore familiarise yourself with the provisions of these regulations before embarking on your doctoral programme. The step-by-step instructions below summarise what you need to do when. The Doctorate Regulations tell you exactly how to proceed.

Which regulations does my doctorate come under?

The Doctorate Regulations 2014 entered into force on 1 October 2014. There is a transitional arrangement which determines whether PhD candidates come under the new or the old regulations. You can also see the frequently asked questions.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

20 April 2018