Amsterdam Creative City: Media, Art and Urban Culture

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Exploring Amsterdam with a critical eye

This intensive summer course uses Amsterdam as a living laboratory to explore the relationship between creativity, cities and globalization. It combines theoretical readings and discussion-based seminars with extensive fieldwork in key locations across the city, ranging from the canal and museum districts in the historic city centre to more experimental or marginal sites like art incubators, squats and urban planning projects in the outskirts. The course looks at the ways in which global practices in art, media, and urban redevelopment are taking shape in a European city that has long functioned as a centre of cultural exchange. In particular, it uses Amsterdam as a stimulating case study to critically examine the notion of the ‘creative city'.


19 - 30 June 2017 (non-credit students)
19 June - 14 July 2017 (6 ECTS)

Application deadline 1 April 2017
Academic directors Dr Jaap Kooijman, Dr Toni Pape

Target group

Participants are required to have a background of at least one year of a Bachelor's degree in the humanities or social science and should be interested in studying art, cities, and globalisation.

UvA Summerschool Eye 2014

The EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam-Noord. Photo by: Maartje Strijbis


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