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Resultaten: 1 - 13 van 13
Resultaten: 1 - 13 van 13
  • Lusine Shakhoyan
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation combines academic research and practical application of theory

    Lusine Shakhoyan, Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • ‘The Strategy track has equipped me with the necessary foundations’

    Susann Krüger, Business Administration: Strategy

  • 'My time in Amsterdam is unforgettable'

    Macey Zeng, Business Administration: Marketing

  • 'The lecturers at the ABS are very friendly and approachable.'

    Erdi Tugmaner, Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • 'I recommend the Entrepreneurship & Innovation track to everybody who likes to be challenged and to think out of the box.'

    Anastasia Schmaltz, Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • 'I complemented my Strategy track with marketing electives'

    Eline van Es, Business Administration: Strategy

  • Samantha van Ammerzoden
    'The UvA has an excellent reputation when it comes to education.'

    Samantha van Ammerzoden, Business Administration: Leadership and Management

  • Jordi van den Berg
    By following the EMCI track I combined two passions in my life: entrepreneurship and film.

    Jordi van den Berg, Business Administration: EMCI

  • Thomas Hobbelink
    'A Master's degree should be an academic achievement that shows what you are capable of.'

    Thomas Hobbelink, Business Administration: International Management

  • Karla Flores Hurtado
    'My time at the Amsterdam Business School in two words: challenging and rewarding'

    Karla Flores Hurtado, Business Administration: Marketing

  • Lorin Kamperman
    'I love the cultural and young creative scene that is a big part of Amsterdam'

    Lorin Kamperman, Business Administration: EMCI

  • Kim Durieux
    Innovation is an ongoing process, always in motion and it will awake your creativity!

    Kim Durieux, Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Business Administration MSc marketing
    'The programme included practical courses - I used theoretical knowledge to solve real cases and work with well-known brands'

    Kim van Zon (Netherlands) alumnus MSc Business Administration - Marketing track