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Business Administration (MSc): Entrepreneurship & Innovation (track)

Pre-Master's programme for University Bachelor's students

How to apply

The programme

The Master’s in Business Administration is a multidisciplinary programme. This is why the pre-Master's programme for university-level students focuses primarily on theoretical knowledge in a number of core areas in Business Administration. Such as: Marketing, Strategy, Leadership and Management. These courses provide a solid foundation for your final choice of which track you want to take. Read more about the various courses and the learning objectives here.

In addition to theoretical knowledge you will also learn how to approach your profession with an  academic and professional attitude: independent, confident and innovative. These three characteristics will become part of your DNA so you can put them into practice in your future business administration career. During the programme we will challenge you, inspire you and support you in achieving this goal.

Admission requirements

The students we’re looking for are the best of the best. This means admission to the pre-Master's programme is highly selective. Please check the admission requirements before submitting your application. All applications will be assessed individually by a selection committee. In total there are 50 places available for university-level students and these are meant for the best applicants. Please note that simply meeting the minimum requirements is not a guarantee that you will be admitted.  Only fully completed applications, including all documents, will be processed.

1. Academic Bachelor’s degree

15 EC programme

If you completed a Bachelor’s degree in economics / social science with a minimum of 15 EC in (quantitative) research methods you may be eligible for admission into the 15 EC pre-Master’s programme. You should have completed the equivalent of the following courses: Management Research Methods 1 and Management Research Methods 2, as well as a qualitative course such as Academic Project

10 EC programme

If you completed a minor in Business Administration during your studies you may be eligible for admission to the abbreviated 10 EC pre-Master's programme. This variant focuses fully on research methods and techniques in business studies.

2. Grade Point Average (GPA)

 All students applying are required to obtain a:

  • GPA of at least a 7.0

Your GPA should be calculated over:

- all Bachelor's degree results (year 1-3), any additional bachelor’s courses have to be included as well.

- If you have a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s degree you need a GPA of at least 7.0 in either the Bachelor's or the Master's.

Send your GPA calculation along with your online application, you do not have to update your GPA calculation after 1 June. The best students will be selected at most 2 weeks after the application deadline of 1 June.

3. Mathematics

It is necessary that you have the required level of mathematics knowledge. We therefore require:

  • Pre-university diploma (VWO) with a passing grade for Mathematics A/B, or
  • A mathematics certificate, VWO level A or B (grade 6 or higher), from one of the following institutions:
  1. Boswell Bèta
  2. Korteweg-de Vries Instituut
  3. De Centrale Commissie Voortentamen
  4. LOI

Please note that the mathematics certificate should be obtained before the 1st of June 2019 in order to be considered for the selection.